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Rules of the Road!

So you want a font in your own hand, do you? Or maybe you have some cool writing, fancy title making, or calligraphy skills? I have been getting alot of requests to make fonts, so in order to make my job easier for you, I have compiled a few things that I need from you in order to serve you better. Most of these things I have discovered after countless hours of stressing over someones font! So please read before you jump the gun and fill everything out.

l. Put the font on the form the way you want it to be typed out. for instance if you want and uneven look, write it uneven. if you want it even on the line, write it that way. The example below shows it even on the line. You can write it like the first sample, or if you need more room because you write big, take up the whole line.

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2. Write out all of the characters. This includes things like ( ) & % # @ etc. I Dislike doing incomplete fonts! And just because you don't think you will use them, if you don't you will need that one character. If you would rather use some of the spaces for a doodle, you can do that to. The characters you need are on the form, but look at your keyboard and check and be sure you have them all written. If you use word, then include not only quotes and apostrophe that can be used as a right or left, but also a set of right and left so it can be put in for smart text. If you want to include a U with the 2 dots above it, you can do that too. (alt and 0220 pressed at the same time will give you this. If you want to include the a,e,i,o also you can.

3. Now we all know I hate doing script, (if you didn't know--I really dislike doing script, lol) or connected writing, but I will do it. But if the font is not written right, forget it! I have begun charging 25.00 for script because it takes so much more time. Here are some things that will make it easier for me if you do them. And, script writing is NOT guarenteed! You need to write your letters seperately, and with out any, or very small starting points. What I mean by starting points, is the little flips, or swirls that lead into the letter. Look at the following example.

wrongright.jpg - 15516 Bytes

You will notice the first sample the letters are started on the line, and lead into the letter. The second example shows a small lead into the letter. Also notice that where each letter ends, is about the same place. That's what I need from you. no or very little starting points, and end points that end in about the same place. It is harder than it looks!! I also want abcedfg etc. written out all connected, like you would hand write it. Then at the bottom, write out the phrase "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" That way I can see what your writing really looks like, and if I am even close when I put the whole thing together.

4. Write you font out in black pen!! (Please Please!) Fonts work as vectors, only in black and white. It takes me alot of time to convert the letters to black if you dont, and some of the quality may be lost. Try and use a dark black pen. .08 are bigger. Sometimes when you scan, if the pen is to thin, some of the quality is lost.

5. Scan your font at 300 dpi, crop off all the excess white before you send it. I know this is a big file, but it needs to be that big to get the quality in the font. If you crop the white off after scanning, the file will be smaller. If you do not have a scanner, you can snail mail me the form, and I will scan it. Contact me and I will send you info on where to mail it.

5. Charges---I charge 20.00 for print fonts, and 25.00 for script. I accept checks and paypal. For paypal send it to shellie@scrappinfun.com. I reserve the right to display your font on the web site If I so choose. If you don't want it up here, go to that other place that charges you 59.95, lol. Besides, isn't it flattering if you all of a sudden see your font all over scrapbook pages everywhere?

ok, I think that is it. This is what the form looks like, click on it to download to your printer.

Well, I think that's it! If I think of anything else, I will add it later. Thanks for taking the time to read, now go and have some fun making that font!!